Where Did Horsepower Come From?

Horsepower is a word used to reference the overall power of an engine in a vehicle. It is presented as a sales tool. Car enthusiasts pay close attention the technical aspect of their purchases. Horsepower is a key element in helping a buyer understand what an automobile is capable of, and what it will be best suited for in the D’Iberville, MS region. The actual term came about in the 1800s.

An engine builder named James Watt had created a new product. He was trying to market his steam engine to potential customers and needed a way to help them relate to the machine. James had been working in a coal mine and noticed the output of the horses. He estimated that one pony could do roughly 22,000 pounds of work in about a minute. James added 11,000 pounds to this theory and applied it to his steam engines. This became the standard measurement for horsepower.

So if a vehicle has one horsepower, then it is capable of moving 33 pounds in one minute. Visit Bayside Chrysler Dodge Jeep and speak with a professional about the importance of engine capacity.

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