Jeep Cherokee: Be Stable on the Road at All Times

Whether it’s the slippery surfaces of rainy or snowy weather or the rumble and tumble of the trail, your Jeep Cherokee must always be ready to anticipate the danger of straying from the intended driving path. To this end, it is equipped with two essential features: electronic stability control and electronic roll mitigation.

Electronic stability control, or ESC, uses a network of sensors to maintain control of the Jeep Cherokee. Its job is to combat oversteer, which is when the SUV turns more than what you intended; and understeer, which is when it turns less than what you intended. By applying selective braking and reducing engine throttle, ESC returns you to the appropriate and safe path.

ESC works with electronic roll mitigation, which uses the ESC sensors to reduce the potential of the Jeep Cherokee’s wheels lifting from the driving surface. This is especially crucial during severe or evasive driving maneuvers. So, if you ever find yourself trying to dodge a boulder, twig, or another vehicle, electronic roll mitigation has you covered.



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