People don't buy cargo vans for leisure purposes. Business owners rank high among cargo van purchases because they need to move things. Often, they need to move heavy items. So, they turn to a cargo van with a solid reputation. The Ram ProMaster cargo van has capabilities that support its reputation.

The Ram ProMaster carries and tows thousands of pounds. Most expect that in a cargo van, although the actual ProMaster figures are exceptional. Additional features such as best-in-class 36-foot turning diameter add to the performance. Unfortunately, some places the van goes do come with crowding and congestion. Squeezing through alleys can be stressful. The turning feature provides some relief.

A 3.6L V6 engine with 280 hp allows the front-wheel-drive to get the van where it needs to go. Six-speed automatic transmission lends its support, too.

The roads in the city reveal all about how the Ram ProMaster rides. Our dealership welcomes those who want to take the ProMaster out on a test drive.


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